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Gift of Fresh is full-service web studio based out of sunny San Diego. We are a one-stop shop for your creative needs.  We take pride in providing clients with a FRESH perspective and a consultative approach to creatively communicating their brand’s vision, while expanding their digital presence online. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small-business owner, professor, or blogger, Gift of Fresh can provide digital strategies that will strengthen your brand, and bring money back to your bottom line.

skills are cheap

passion is pricesless. 


– gary vaynerchuk

Thank you for stopping by. I started Gift of Fresh Design Agency in 2014, but have over a decade of experience in graphic design and web development. My years of experience have made me a saavy creative professional. I’ve had the privilege of working with a vast array of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur myself, I understand that there many aspects to running a business. That is why we use a systematized process that allows us to create high-quality solutions that compliment your business and help it grow. My passions (outside of making the internet FRESH) include blogging, cooking with my lovely wife, and going to see live music.
Ryan Shaw Founder, Lead Designer, & Creative Director

web design

Don’t miss out on the sales and growth that comes with making your brand accessible online


Whether you need a new Logo, or graphics for a Social Media Campaign. We understand the importance of developing Graphics that reflect the style & personality your Brand.

digital marketing

Need help developing your digital pipeline of customers? Let me help you re-engage your existing customers, and attract new ones with targeted Social Media campaigns, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, and more!

We are invested in your Success!

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